Here’s what Construction Management services from Casco Construction can do for your project:

  1. Provides for the lowest possible project cost and construction management fees based on selecting the lowest bidder from each of over 30 different bid divisions.
  2. Represents the best possible mechanism for securing local contractors.
  3. Allows for Sales Tax savings on directly secured materials when allowed.
  4. Provides an advocate exclusive to the Owner by placing a construction manager and expert on-site during all phases of construction.  This will provide for early dispute resolution and aggressive and fair change order negotiations.
  5. Eliminates any conflict of interest since the Construction Manager does not perform design or trade contracting through its own workforce (we are truly in a position to act as your advocate).
  6. Promotes building design feedback during plan creation.  This includes design and building material suggestions as well as early and accurate estimates. (The greatest majority of cost savings realized during a construction project occur during the design phase.)
  7. Provides the opportunity to “fast-track” and phase the project to get the project in the ground before it freezes, while maintaining continuity with your building representative.
  8. Eliminates the mark-up of subcontractor’s initial bids and on change orders.  The administrative fees of a General Contractor are simply transferred to the Construction Management firm.
  9. Allows the Owner to select their construction representative based on the firm’s expertise and compatibility rather than simply on price.  The Construction Manager establishes a fee which is not dependent upon final project cost, but rather is based on manpower needs.
  10. Generates additional revenue for the Owner since any cost savings realized through the bidding process and any leftover funds in contingency and general condition accounts are returned to the Owner at the end of the project.